Well carcinoma finally hit!

In July of 2014 I had a high-density biopsy that returned one sample that was partially involved with Gleason 3+3=6 carcinoma. Many events happened between July and September when I underwent brachytherapy procedure and I will chronicle those over the next posts.

I have been taking time off from blogging for quite a while but now I am motivated (for some reason) to continue working on posting.

I will be posting again soon.

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Prostate Cancer watch starts again

Since the last post about a year ago my condition has been advancing.  My PSA went to 4.7 and then 6.68 quickly.

I just went for another transparaneal stereotactic prostate biopsy yesterday.  This time the doctor took 36 samples.  Last time was 39 samples and the first time was 42 samples.  I guess there is less and less to sample (a bit of levity there) after each biopsy.

Now I wait for the pathology. It seems odd but I almost hope there is something found so I can get this treated and over with.  It’s been 9 years now and I’m getting tired of waiting for it to hit.  I also want to catch it very quickly since my father’s Gleasons were 5 + 5 =10.  I don’t want to miss early detection.

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Good Prostate Biopsy Results but back on the Rollercoaster

It’s been AGES since I’ve posted.  I would hope it was obvious that my biopsy results were negative.  In fact, the HGPIN that was found during the last biopsy was not there at all this time.  Hooray!!!  Dr. Moran said we have 3 to 5 years before then next biopsy would make sense.  That is of course barring any spike in PSA or discovery of hard spots or ridges on my prostate.

Since its been about a year or so since my last PSA test, my GP ordered one last week.  It came back 4.7 but I’m not going to panic.  Maybe my “0” is “4”?  It could just be that it is a normal level for me.  I’m not putting my head in the sand here, just being hopeful.  I’ll continue to be diligent and keep up with this.

In the mean time my prostatitius symptoms are very low.  Sometimes I forget that I even have it, but then I get reminded by the discomfort, fatigue and pain.  Over the last few months it seems to be much much better than before.  I hope this is a good sign of things to come.

Looks like this will be a long journey.

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More Waiting and Waiting

Well I survived the biopsy.  I think it was not as bad this time.  The doctor only took 35 samples instead of 42.

I’m still sore and tender, but not to the point of being unable to function.  Right now a hard chair makes me hurt and lifting heavy things is pretty bad, but not unbearable.  I’m through with the antibiotics and am still on the prednisone.

The biopsy results should have been in today, but since I had my procedure on Columbus day I suspect it will add a day to the time.  I will probably have results on Monday.  I’m not really stressed about the results.  I guess they will be what will be.

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Tomorrow is the day for biopsy

Wish me luck! The procedure is not as bad as it could be but it is still pretty bad. The last time I did this I needed 2 days to get back to functioning.

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September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

Show the men in your life that you care.  Be sure to tell them it is prostate cancer awareness month and really encourage them to get a PSA test.

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So another high-density biopsy in the near future

I saw Dr. Moran and he did a DRE.  A really good one this time! (I was a bit sore the whole day) and he said that the left side felt a little too firm.  He recommended another high density biopsy.

Oddly, just before he checked me he said that he’d be happy to wait another 2 – 3 years (it’s been 2 years since my first biopsy) but he thought a DRE check would be the decision point.  Since my PSA is swinging, it is hard to figure what a good posture is with regards to biopsy.  I’m still below what would be considered the panic point, but with my family history, I’m virtually guaranteed to develop cancer in the next decade or so.  Finding it now will be a bonus as I am younger (50 years old now) and can tolerate any surgical procedure better the younger I am.

Anyway, I need to get this scheduled for this fall.  Along with the colonoscopy that all of us 50-year-olds have to suffer through.

On a more positive note, my prostatitus symptoms seem to be in check for now.  Not sure why symptoms are not plaguing me, but I’m enjoying the lack of pain and fatigue.

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What a shock…. (not really)

I just found out my PSA climed to 4.32 this time.  Like the last few times… up and down, up and down.

I have an appointment to talk to Dr. Moran tomorrow.  Wonder what he’ll say?  My PSA is not escallating, it’s fluttering.

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Round and Round I go….

Well I have set an appointment for next week to see the oncologist.  I don’t have cancer but he does the high density biopsy (the Stereotactic transperineal prostate biopsy ) that I really think is the best.  It is done under general anesthesia so it really is less hard on me but with 42 samples taken, there is a day or so of recovery time.  I don’t have the biopsy scheduled yet and am waiting for the doctor’s recommendation.  If he wants to go for another one I really have no choice.  It’s been longer than usual in between biopsies.  I guess eventually there will be nothing left of it anyway after all the biopsy procedures.

I wonder if there is an issue with collecting scar tissue?  After taking 42 samples of a 40 gram prostate I would think that maybe something like that could happen.  This would be my second procedure, so it probably is no issue at all.

Wish me luck!


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Happy 2011!!!

Well its already February and I’m just posting.  I did go in for another PSA test and I was down to 3.8 so I’m back on the seesaw again!  To top it off I now am dealing with slightly elevated blood sugar and high triglycerides.  I don’t have much time to post a rant here, but will try later.

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